Encaustic Collection 2017

Born in Northern Spain with a strong background in fine art media, photography  and architecture, now living and working in Sandpoint, Idaho.

Like any good North westerner, I love the trees, mountains, rivers and lakes, and even the half year of grey drizzle. Inspired by my surroundings, they have had a big effect on my  work.

4 years ago, I started to think about blending photography with other media. A friend
suggested Encaustics. With my photography, art background and my fascination with light, 
I use translucent layering to express each piece.

While I was studying and learning the process, a teacher said: 
 “You have to choose between being an artist or a photographer”
Well, I am both!  No more, No less.

I enjoy the challenge of gradually morphing the photographic elements of a subject into something else, without fearing the outcome. I’m letting my spirit free to create.

2017 collection https://www.mariajtrujillo.com/encaustics/

Sales Originals: Noelle Zmuda 208 310-6617
Prints and cards: The red chair studio 208 366-4216

"poppies under sea" inspired at the farmers market in Missoula MT- original size 16x12

"poppies under sea" inspired at the farmers market in Missoula MT- original size 16x12

"harvesting seeds" inspired at the farmers market in Missoula MT original size 6x6

"harvesting seeds" inspired at the farmers market in Missoula MT original size 6x6

the calls from hummingbird

 Calls from hummingbird are easy to overlook at first.  The mind will tell you that it isn’t real, your body will tell you, “you can’t pull it off.”  Nevertheless, callings are persistent.  If you don’t listen the first time, they get louder.  If you never listen, they turn into a nagging “could have been.”  If you’re lucky, it will zip right up in front of your eyes and flash you awake.  In whatever manner you perceive its message, before your mind talks you out of it, be thankful, respond, and prepare to take the flight of the hummingbird.

We starve our inner hummingbird when we stay in our head, in our thoughts.  If the tiny bird analyzed its stature, it would determine that it could never fly with such small wings nor could it store enough energy in its minute body to make a transatlantic flight.  It doesn’t question, it moves towards its destiny.  Hummingbird consciousness draws the big picture; it gives the inspiration that changes lives knowing that the mind and body are tools it will use to accomplish the task.  If we realize the magnitude of the possibilities we embody, we need not look so cautiously before we leap.  We just need to take off trusting that our soul will find the route and provide everything that is required even if we don’t know exactly what we are doing.  A well-fed inner hummingbird will surely guide the way.

jolt of color

the same law that shapes the earth star shapes the snow-star.

as surely as the petals of a flower are fixed, each of these countless snow-stars comes whirling to earth… these glorious spangles, the sweeping of heaven's floor. Thoreau

A jolt of energy-this shock of color is sure to get engines revving.

my heart is open

my heart is open



blossoming red

blossoming red

Feeding my soul...

The mountain air rushes through my lungs, making me feel renewed, the solitude, the silence. Distant peaks in the Monashees, the Valhallas, the Goat Range, and Kokanee Glacier, along with Long Peak and Mount Heyland all fade through reds, pinks, yellows, blues and greens.

Fall leaves and wintery misty beauty

                       We are having one of the most beautiful Fall ever, the colors turned incredible this year. As we drive to meet with some friends to hike one of our local peaks early in the morning, I am drinking in the beauty around me, it is a rainy, misty day, the colors are vibrant.

                       We arrived to the trail head and we started to hike, like sometimes, it is an athletic event as everybody rushes to the top as fast as their legs carry them. I am seeing as I go up beautiful shaped heart stones, whispering and glimmering their beauty "take me ", interesting pieces of wood for my rock creations, the beauty and the colors where spectacular with water drops glittering and dripping, snow here and there, all this was passing by at lightening speed, suddenly I could not take it anymore, I stop  as I heard my inner voice said: "what are you doing? you are missing all this to get to the top and see nothing ? are you crazy? at that moment I yield to my fellow hikers: "Hey go ahead, do not wait for me, I am taking photos.

                        At that moment, the magic started, peace and beauty surrounded me and I felt like a kid in a candy store, had a blast!

stairs to peace and beauty

Fall and winter dance

snowy patterns

snow is coming soon...

wonder and mistery

wonder and mistery

proud bear grass

peace and serenity

peace and serenity

Winter promise

warmer thoughts and images before winter comes...

here are some summer adventure photos before the snow comes; purple starfish, glittering sand dollars, towering mountains, deep green forests, the rhythm of the ocean…

I enjoyed lots of natural wildlife, spectacular landscapes and quiet sheltered ocean.

glitering sand dollar

purple starfishes

spectacular landscapes

happy sea urchin

majestic peaks, magical light

supernatural light I will say to the magical opportunity to contemplate this remote part of the interior of BC.

overnight backpacking allowed the enjoyment, understanding and discovery of the stories behind the unique flora, fauna, and beautiful vistas around, while challenged with the ascend of your hotel in your pack.

more at www.freelenzphotography.com

under landscapes/ valhallas

serenity and wild beauty all around

4th july fireworks

Sandpoint Idaho our small home town  has a small town fireworks show every year at City beach, we always enjoy different options to watch them. We chose to watch this time from Ponderay Bay trail giving me a good vantage point, enjoying the lights of the boats, awesome reflections and full perspectives- Magic!

more...  click under nature tab-4th of July fireworks

admiring the light


meanwhile i was enjoying great company, delicious food and drinks, the mountains came alive full of pride  displaying light and beauty.