Fall leaves and wintery misty beauty

                       We are having one of the most beautiful Fall ever, the colors turned incredible this year. As we drive to meet with some friends to hike one of our local peaks early in the morning, I am drinking in the beauty around me, it is a rainy, misty day, the colors are vibrant.

                       We arrived to the trail head and we started to hike, like sometimes, it is an athletic event as everybody rushes to the top as fast as their legs carry them. I am seeing as I go up beautiful shaped heart stones, whispering and glimmering their beauty "take me ", interesting pieces of wood for my rock creations, the beauty and the colors where spectacular with water drops glittering and dripping, snow here and there, all this was passing by at lightening speed, suddenly I could not take it anymore, I stop  as I heard my inner voice said: "what are you doing? you are missing all this to get to the top and see nothing ? are you crazy? at that moment I yield to my fellow hikers: "Hey go ahead, do not wait for me, I am taking photos.

                        At that moment, the magic started, peace and beauty surrounded me and I felt like a kid in a candy store, had a blast!

stairs to peace and beauty

Fall and winter dance

snowy patterns

snow is coming soon...

wonder and mistery

wonder and mistery

proud bear grass

peace and serenity

peace and serenity

Winter promise